Customize the Forms of cleaning company by yourself without additional costs

 to adapt it to your work method

1 - Modify

You need to modify the basic program, thanks to the Desktop version or Web version you can customize it

2 - Synchronize

After executing changes on Windows, Mac OS or Web with the Cloud, Synchronize to find all changes on all devices.

3 - Work

You are ready to work anywhere you are, monitoring your Workforce on the move,
 even offline.

If you cannot find the CONTRACT MANAGEMENT and ODL for cleaning companies you want, create it.

Using the integrated tools you can create any type of data management.
You shape your database with Nios4, one of the most powerful platforms and customizable in the world. Wipee developed with the Nios4 Platform is an example of how you can CREATE YOUR BRANDED DATA MANAGEMENT by adapting it to your working method.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions to modify the program

- How many devices can i use?

Wipee allows you and your users to use unlimited devices, in fact you can access different devices with the same user, even simultaneously.

- Can I customize the prints?

Of course, Wipee has an integrated print editor that allows you to customize and create prints based on your needs. Alternatively you can ask us to customize them for you.

- Can I import my customers' personal data from a file?

Yes, a data importer has been integrated into Wipee that allows you to load data directly into tables via Excel files.

- I need to add some fields, is it possible?

Absolutely yes, Wipee is equipped with a system for creating fields and tables that allows you to add the fields you need but also entire modules by customizing the database to your liking. Alternatively, you can ask us to make customizations for you.